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Hi :-) I'm here now. Under construction.

What God say's at this time? ;-)


Facts & Logic to mankind:

 All of these years not giving me a simplest chance to live my own.

 There are people can't be upgraded in life.

 There are people wanting to be upgraded but suffering due to lot of factors & still fighting for.

 There are people who want to forget the past to live now & then.

 There are people who only live to trouble other people.

 There are people wishes to be loved.

 Actually there are people who care for God existence in their life. Those are the best. Most of them did cover all the above mentioned & studied much more types of people.

 There are people who write about, caring about & wanting to tell the truth about. This is the reason I'm writing my own story.

 The fact is: Memories in skulls within the brains. Feelings & total nerve system is the total soul of a human. Just imagine a total human body without soul (Software) This software is in total under attack by other soft wares! Some to learn from, some wants to upgrade & some wants to torture! Some also insults & harassment all over!

 Talk to the hand: It's never been easy to create electro mechanical typical hand that functions as a human hand. Even our hand has feelings attached to the nerve system of the brain.

The question is: Are we machines or apes or humans? In spite of religions. My advice is: God, Peace & the good well to take you to the glory of God. Stop attacking me. This umbrella doing what to total mankind? I like to help and advice. Umbrella of wastage. What are we in it? Umbrella of souls, brains, viruses & total mixing machine is. Let go you those behind those machines & software game'rs over human soul. God remains the greatest at all times. I do not want to be mixed to or with any. I'm in God circle. God is angry. Stop wasting my time in my life, life is too short. God hate wastage. What all of you are doing?

 Who wants to judge over a human soul? Yes God's of other souls! Judge then if you want! Ignoring God existence! Shame on you all. All are guilty.

 Umbrella of total conscious punishments!

Is it grace or curse? Ask you selves!

They forgot about God in Jordan! All of them are God's over me!

My mother died by Leukemia, father died by heart attack before her. My son been in brain fainting & taking medicine for 2 years when came from U.A.E. Later my American wife also suffered from this madness! Now me since the year of 2000 & even before! For how long this to go on with me? What cold war! After this Sept 11th 2001 still this cold war going on! Nuclear weapon above human souls! For what? 

 All of these years not giving me a simplest chance to write or even to think about those who hurt me. They totally corrupted my brain. Many traps & still they are hacking over me! This means what? This what Jordan is. Welcome to Jordan of what? There is black list in previous sites of polaskilove! At least they are away from me. The question is: Why they are still active over me at all times? That’s why I had to update & to stay away from their shit going on.

I do not trust any one in Jordan due to the majority of Apes & satanic. Other than that a habit with their brains & this NASA Package! The truth is clear to you all. All acting God's upon my soul!  What this Umbrella of electrons is doing to families?

Where is the law in Jordan? Once all are God's over me!

Some good souls & some bad souls & I'm in between! Shame on you all.

Anything holly left in Jordan? Only within some of us! Most nope.

What law of Arabs? What religion are theirs? In behaving as I did describe!

Which way they want it? What is going on? How should I know!

All of these years they don't want me to tell the truth!

Or even to have a clear mind from their shit!

Did our Jesus suffered from Satan work like this?

This electronic harassment doing what to me even while I'm at home?

World wide Umbrella! for what? Most making fun over my soul! Even actors!

And movie producers!

Find another Jesus to play with! Even Jesus soul been under attack by those apes! Did they give any respect to any religion or to any God? They are assuming virus in the air or a magic! They want a fortune! This due to terrorists not getting anything from people as how they used to be. Who attacked & trapped me? Terrorists are complaining & not giving me means me! God's! 

What type of business is this umbrella is doing? Faking all of us.

Actors are acting & singers are singing from me & about me!

Media did play shit in all of these years. Jesus is a perfect human.

I'm not perfect & been under attack by Satan business for many years!

Respect a human soul.

My Peace Mission Is Accomplished.

Back to normal life. History remains. What a life journey!

By: Nabil Zegord Konz Kurt Prince De Polaski.

Last updated: 05-29-2016

       United Nation Peace day in this day: 29/5/2016 God Bless.